J & S Grinding Company, Inc. Services

J & S Grinding Co., Inc. provides grinding, honing, wet tumbling, color coding, and packing services for the powder metal, stamping, and tool & die industries.

Grinding Services

Double Disc Grinding

We have the capabilities to double disc grind parts from approximately .375" (9.525 mm) to 7.500" (190.5 mm) in outside diameter.

We have one thrufeed and three rotary type double disc grinding machines. These machines are ideal for grinding large production quantities and for cost effectiveness. They can handle both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Blanchard Grinding

Our three Blanchard grinders have 36" diameter tables and can grind either 1 or 2 sides of magnetic parts, rings, plates, or dies. These machines are best suited for heavy stock removal.

Surface Grinding
We have two surface grinding machines that are capable of grinding either one or both sides of parts. The most important feature of these machines is the ability to grind tall and irregularly shaped parts. Custom fixturing may be utilized, as applicable.

Honing Services

Our honing process allows us to hold to close tolerance requirements. We normally hone parts with inside diameters between .100" (2.54 mm) and 1.250" (31.75 mm). We can, however, hone larger diameters upon request and review.

With eleven honing machines, we have the capacity to process both large and small run orders.

Supplementary Services

Wet Tumbling

J & S Ginding can wet tumble parts after machiningOur 3 cubic foot wet tumbler is available for removing burrs that may have been produced due to machining or other manufacturing processes. This deburring process can be done immediately after another of our processes, eliminating additional operations and handling at the customer's facility.

Hand Packing

J & S Grinding provides hand packing services.We offer hand packing of finished parts to help avoid nicks and dings that may occur during transport and handling. Returnable dunnage or other containers are typically supplied by the customer for this purpose.

Color Coding

J & S Grinding can do color coding of parts.We can apply customer specified colored inks, paints, or dyes to parts for the purpose of color coding. Color coding is often used when a customer produces parts that appear the same, but actually have different dimensional characteristics.